This article is exclusively founded on the health advantages of marijuana for those who have a valid medical prescription. I will be highlighting the positive angles only, on the basis of researches and scientific evidences.

In 2737 BC, the main direct reference was found in China in the chronicles of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. The principal utilization of cannabis item was utilized for psychoactive agents. The emphasis was fundamentally on its capacity as a prescription for stiffness, gout, jungle fever, and for distractedness. The significance of medical value was focused primarily than the intoxication properties.

Progressively its utilization spread from China to India, and after that to North Africa, and then to Europe by AD 500. Marijuana was listed in United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 till 1942. The herb was recommended for a number of therapeutic uses, for example, to treat labor painĀ  and rheumatism.

Medical uses

From 1850s to 1930s cannabis began to become well known for recreational purposes. As the admission of this medication expanded after some time, The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 arranged it as a Scheduled 1 Drug. So normally different controversies stirred encompassing the medicinal utilization of weed.

To make it progressively medical-friendly, researchers synthesized THC, its active agent, and in 1985 got it endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In 1999 a U.S. Government supported a study by the Institute of Medicine, which revealed the useful properties of marijuana in certain ailments, for example, nausea brought about by chemotherapy, and squandering brought about by AIDS. Since 1999, various examinations have been done to demonstrate that smoked cannabis plays key role in relieving pain.

In 1996, California emerged out as the first state to legitimize the utilization of cannabis for medicinal goals, and around 24 of the states presently have a sort of medical marijuana legislation. So there are many places where can you use your Arizona mmj card.

Health advantages of weed

You will be amazed to realize why different studies about have been done on this herb, and for your favor, here is the rundown of health advantages of weed you presumably never knew!

1. Moderate and prevent cancer cells from spreading

It was found in the investigation, which was published in the diary Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, that Cannabidiol can stop cancer by killing a gene called Id-1. In 2007, specialists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, reported that it may keep disease from spreading. The analysts experimented on breast cancer cells in the lab that had abnormal state of Id-1, and treated them with cannabidiol.

The result was fairly positive, the cells had diminished Id-1 expression, and were spread less aggressively. Truth be told, the American Association for Cancer Research has discovered that cannabis really attempts to curb tumor development in brain, bosom, and lungs.

2. Keep Alzheimer’s

THC, an active ingredient present in marijuana moderates the growth of Alzheimer’s illness, a recent report driven by Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute discovered. THC moderates the amyloid plaques. These plaques kill the cerebrum cells, and possibly lead to this disease.

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