Every person learning to drive needs to have an authorised certificate proving that he/she is eligible to drive on roads. They need to give theory driving test followed by practical driving test. Even to have vehicle or driving insurance, driving ability certificate is mandatory, thus it becomes essential to pass the test to drive on road freely and safely.

What kind of test need to be given to get the license?

Theory driving test – This is of two parts. The first one is multiple choice exams of about fifty questions to be answered on computer. The passing marks usually is eighty six percent, that is about forty-three questions should be answered rightly.

Usually, the test lasts for one hour, thus you need to be well versed in any kind of highway codes. The second part is quick show of fourteen one-minute clips on a computer screen from a driver’s perspective. They are hazard perception questions where you need to indicate if there is a chance for occurrence of any hazard. To answer the questions, you need to touch the screen or need to use the computer mouse.

Practical driving test – Along with a professional driving examiner you are asked to drive the vehicle on public roads as preferred by the driving test centre. Mostly the tests last for forty minutes only, thus you can attempt the driving test even on your working day. Even a single major fault of neglecting to follow road rules few times may result in failing the practical driving test.

Many people feel this kind of driving license isn’t needed however the State rules differ where to ensure safe drive on the roads this kind of test is made mandatory.

Why exactly the theory driving test is important to pass?

  • You are known as skilled driver as you will be trained well to know all the road rules and codes. By knowing the codes, you will be able to drive confidently even on busy public roads as you are sure of driving without any fault.
  • The training and preparation to pass the theory test helps the candidate to drive safely and rightly on the roads. A driver having professional driving license is stated to be a good driver.
  • In case of accidents insurance providers and police authorities first would like you to provide licensed certificate otherwise you may be named as offender and won’t be able to claim the insurance money. In some drastic accidental cases even if it isn’t your fault, you will be charged heavily. The only reason is that you didn’t have provincial certificate to prove you are well trained driver.
  • In some states you won’t be able to drive even the rental vehicle. While applying for a job as a chauffeur, you need to attaché your driving license with other documents otherwise your application will be rejected.

It will be beneficial to book theory test as soon as you are well trained to become a certified driver form a well acclaimed professional driving training centre.

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