If you don’t have a background in design, it can be easy to create bad custom flags. Amateurs are often ambitious and try to put too much on a flag. A busy, unintelligible flag will attract attention but not the kind you want. People will take one look at a bad flag and decide they don’t want to take the time to figure out what message that busy mess is trying to convey. Avoid a few common pitfalls and you should be able to avoid creating bad custom flags.

Don’t Use Too Much Text

Text is necessary for an advertising flag. Without text, no one will know what the flag is for. But, too much text can make the flag hard to read. If you feel like you’re cramming text onto the flag, that’s a sign it’s time to stop.

Do Use Just a Few Words

Stick to just the most important words. A good rule of thumb is to try and stick to three or fewer words. Any more and you’ll have to make the size of the text smaller and squish words together. If you do that, the flag will become an unreadable mess.

Don’t Use a Complex Image

Many first time designers are afraid of their flag being too boring. One of the most common ways they try to remedy this is with images. But, this often takes precious space and attention away from the text. This is especially true if you choose a complex image. A picture with a lot of detail isn’t going to look good when scaled down to fit on a flag.

Do Either Use a Simple Image Or No Image At All

Keep any picture you put on the flag simple. Your business’s logo, if it’s well-designed, is the perfect picture for a flag. A well-designed logo is simple and is still identifiable when it’s small. If you’re afraid of overshadowing the text on your flag, you can skip using an image altogether.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors Or Similar Colors

Color can make or break a flag. It doesn’t matter what you put on your flag if the colors make it hard to read. The colors shouldn’t be too similar. And, you shouldn’t use too many colors.

Do Use a Few Contrasting Colors

Stick to two or three colors. This will keep the flag from becoming too busy. Make sure the text and background stand out from each other. Make one of them a light color like yellow or white and make the other a darker color like blue or green.

If you keep these tips in mind, your custom flags should turn out just fine.

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