Negotiating and getting the best price for AV rental is more challenging than negotiating for a car. You don’t know what you need and you will have to rely on the expertise of the service providers to pick the equipment that suits your event and venue. Here is how you will make the best of this situation with a few simple tips.

Don’t Rely on Venue Provider for AV Needs

Always remember the thumb rule of business, commissions. When a venue has an empaneled AV provider, they either have the cheapest vendor possible and take a big chunk from you or they have a 20-40% commission on whatever bill the AV provider generates. So, either way you are losing. Leaving the AV needs to the venue often leave a bad impression in terms of return on investment.

Get it free while negotiating for Venue Fee

When negotiating for the venue, you might ask the venue provider to give AV equipment as complimentary, as the venue providers have permanent relations with these companies, they get it at a much cheaper rate. So, you might get AV services for free instead of getting a cash discount on the booking amount.

 Let the vendors Compete

Don’t rely on one or two vendors, ask at least four to six vendors if you have liberty of time. Ask them the best equipment that will meet your needs and then take a customized quote for the same. When you do this process, hint them you or someone in your company is in touch with other vendors as well. You will see miraculous results when you make the vendors compete against each other. You might tell a vendor you are in touch with GSE AV rental Atlanta and they are offering much better price.

Look for Others Who Need Similar Venue

When the price is too high, negotiate the venue and AV company for a longer duration instead of a lower price, then if you have a morning event, find someone who needs a similar venue for an afternoon or evening event. You will be surprised to see the responses, as the other person won’t have to do much to setup the venue.

Creative Sponsorship Ideas

Even the AV rental companies need promotion, if you are doing a charity event or an event for veterans, you might look for an AV rental provider who is willing to sponsor your event either partially or totally. When it comes to veterans or children, there is a fair chance of getting support from a kind hearted being running an AV company.

Hire What You Need

Selecting the best AV equipment at the best price can only be done when you understand your needs. When you ask for vendors to come and meet you at the venue, they give you a little idea about your needs. After four or five meetings, you will be in a position to choose what suits you the best. Once you know your needs, you are in a better position to negotiate.

These simple ideas can get you’re your AV equipment for free, your event needs might be huge, then these ideas will be saving a lot of money for sure. Just see which ideas suit your situation and start calling the AV rental agencies.

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