Filters in the aquarium are meant for cleaning and purifying water in the tank and it cannot really function well if it gets clogged due to filth.

Usually as a routine, one must clean the filter at least once in a week and wait for another week so that the fish may get adjusted to the new environment.

The method of cleaning the filter too will depend upon the type of filters used in the aquarium. You must consult the user manual of your filter that you can also buy from Fluval store.

Cleaning of mechanical filters

In case, you have mechanical filter, then it will be sponge or pad which sits inside it. You need to clean this main component. Following are the ways to clean:

  • Siphon out some amount of water

You need to use the same water of the fish tank to clean the filter but prefer not to use distill water or outside tap water. Filter water may not be very clean or fresh but fish are accustomed to that water.

  • Unplug the filter

Mechanical filter may be unplugged so that you may not get electric shock and after that you take off from the tank and then clean it.

  • Clean the sponge

Just wash all the gunk that are settled and don’t remove the useful bacteria. If you find the sponge too dirty to clean then better will be to replace with a new one.

  • Scrub the tubes and casing

Now use all the leftover water remaining in the bowl for cleaning the other filter parts or grab little more from tank if the bowl water is very dirty.

Also, you may scrub any hard for reaching the spots by using filter cleaning brush, that you can easily find at any pet supply stores.

  • Put the sponge back

Now you can return the sponge to the filter, return the filter in the fish tank. Then pour remaining water from the cleaning project if it is not crawling with gunk. Now turn your filter back on.

Cleaning of chemical filter

In case you have chemical filter fitted on the tank, then you must swap out all the carbon regularly, once in week or if the water looks cloudy. Just follow above steps 1,2 and 4.

You must remove carbon before starting step 1 and replace it by using new carbon if you are done, immediately before reattaching filter with the tank.

Cleaning of biological filters

As you will prefer to have your biological filter filled with plenty of delicious as well as tank skimming bacteria, so you will not prefer to clean it too much. In case if you absolutely need to properly clean it, then just give it quick once over by using water from your tank.

Keep following the steps 1, 2 and 4 from the above. After that put the filter again back of course.

Finally, you must make sure that it is functioning absolutely normal. In case, it does not function properly then check for clogs. If it is still not working then check the manual or you can call the manufacturer.

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