One way of helping yourself be able to cope with your everyday life is an emotional support dog. Having that animal recognized as such, however, takes a bit of research and work on your part. If you’re looking into getting your emotional support dog certification online, make sure you adhere to these tips as you work your way through the process.

Only Consider a Reputable Registry

Not all service dog or animal registries are legitimate. Now all service dogs are recognized as official, even if you keep them on an emotional support dog harness. In some cases, your animal must be backed by documentation and official certification to be recognized as legitimate.

Because of that, you need to ensure you register with a nationally recognized support animal service registry. Make sure the registry you use is a legitimate business and recognized nationally. Additionally, make sure they have staff that is experienced in service animal law application.

Discuss with Your Mental Health Doc

Getting your emotional support dog certification online might feel good and seem official. If, however, it is not backed up by the support of an emotional and mental health professional, you can find yourself wasting an effort on an animal that will not be officially recognized. You’ll need to officially document your mental and emotional health status in order to get the needed paperwork to make your dog an official emotional support animal. Your doctor will assess you and assess the role your animal plays with you and if they feel your animal meets the service animal criteria, they’ll work with you on the paperwork.

Ask Questions from Professionals

Once you have identified an officially recognized emotional support animal database manager, assess what services they have to offer you. The paperwork and process can seem daunting at times, so having someone there to help you through it will make it go faster and keep your stress level to a minimum. If you have questions about the process, qualifications or how to assert your rights, ask them. It’s why they are associated with the organization you have selected.

Get Your Letter of Need

You’ll need an official letter of need from your mental health professional in addition to registering your animal. This will allow you to do things like:

  • Travel on public transportation with your animal,
  • Board a plan with your animal
  • Get into housing that prohibits pets.

These three steps are key to emotional support dog certification online. Once they’re accomplished, your next steps are to register your dog and make it all official.

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