Over a period of time, gas lines may deteriorate and corrode. This could be a significant threat to your home as it could result in a fire or explosion if undetected. A gas detection system is a good way to ensure that any leaking gases are quickly detected and taken care of before anything bad happens. There are some ways that you may be able to detect a gas leak without a detection system. Here are four ways that you may be able to detect a Sacramento gas leak.

Hissing Sound

One of the most noticeable signs that there is a gas leak in your home is a hissing sound near your gas lines. A place that you may notice it the most is around your stove as gas lines lead to that part of the kitchen and you may use it quite frequently. If you hear a hissing sound anywhere around your gas lines, you should have it checked and repaired immediately as this could be a serious danger to your home and occupants inside.

Rotten Eggs Smell

The gases that are used around your home are scentless and odorless so utility companies add mercaptan to create an unmistakable smell if there is a leak. The smell of the mercaptan additive has been described as smelling like rotten eggs, sewage, and sulfur. If this odor arises in your home, you may have a gas leak.

Dead Plants

Gas lines run under the outside and inside of your home. While you may not notice signs of a gas leak inside your home, there may be signs of one outside. If there is a gas leak in the lines underneath your home, it may cause the vegetation above ground to die. This could be plants or a noticeable patch of grass. If there is no other reason for the dead vegetation, you’ll want to consider the possibility of a gas leak underground.

Bubble Test

Whether you’re dealing with the tires of your car, inner tubes, or your gas lines, the bubble test is a good way to determine if there is a leak. Using a cloth or sponge to wipe the suspected area with dish soap water will allow you to determine if there is a leak. The leak will appear in the form of bubbles from the water and soap. This will alert you that you’re in need of assistance.

Gas leaks in your home can cause a serious danger to the structure and occupants inside. These are four ways that you can determine if there is a Sacramento gas leak in your home.

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