Women are keen to get their bikini line shaved on their own as it saves them money, time and also embarrassment. A lot of experts do not recommend people to shave this region on their own. One of them is that it is not beneficial and safe to shave that place by them. Check this article to find a few more reasons behind it.


Some women have found that when they shave the bikini region using razor, then it gives them side effects in the form of bumps, warts, burns, stubble, rashes, pimples, and ingrown hair. Shaving razor causes extreme irritation to the skin.

This brings a lot of discomfort and a convincing reason to not it by themselves. https://www.waxcenter.com/ma-arlington-heights offers the best waxing treatment free from any discomfort and risks.

Makes you more prone to infection

Shaving your bikini region causes staph infection. This is because the hair present in the bikini region serves a purpose. It becomes essential to manage pubic hair for hygienic reasons. It gives us protection and serves as an effective shield. Absence of hair causes you susceptible to infection that can lead to health issues.

Minor health complications

Though waxing pubic area of the body has become very popular but experts do not feel it is safe and necessary to be performed on a person. It may cause unfavorable health related consequences that include skin irritation, vaginal and vulvar irritation, and spreading of sexually transmitted ailments. Other types of minor health risks associated with shaving the bikini line include epidermal abrasions, ingrown hair, rashes and vulva and hair follicle inflammation.

Though these health complications are not always major, but cause discomfort to this delicate region. The intensity of the discomfort differs from one individual to another.

Pubic hair aids your body in several ways

Pubic hair not just saves the body from infection but also reduces lubrication and friction. There is a biological reason to it. Presence of hair acts as a cushion at the time of intercourse and helps your partner maintain an erection. By stopping friction, pubic hair also reduces potential discomfort.

When other safer and comfortable alternatives are available

Why to bear all the above-mentioned health complications, when you have other safer and comfortable alternatives available for you. There are two important and safest hair removal methods that you can easily use to perform hair removal efficiently.

These are professional level electrolysis and waxing. Both of these methods help in removal of individual hairs using heat or chemical energy. This results in a smaller number of allergies, medical complications and irritation.

Professional hair removal relieves you from pain and red bumps that you will commonly find with self-wax.

Learn your preference and not what others like

Like all other decisions that you make in your life, making a decision whether to shave your bikini line or not is solely your decision. You need to be 100 % comfortable what makes you feel and look comfortable!


Hope the above information has given you convincing reasons why you must not shave your bikini line on your own.

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