If you live in a city with a hot climate like Scottsdale, AZ, having a swimming pool in your home is probably on your mind. Why shouldn’t you have one? Taking a dip in a pool is a great way to have fun with your family, promote a healthy lifestyle, and even increase your home’s real estate value. On top of these, it’s an excellent way to beat the Scottsdaleheat.

You may need to consider some thingsabouthaving a swimming pool built for your home. Are you a fan of diving? Is it for your family or just for yourself? Do you want your neighbors to go green with envy with its esthetic? Scottsdale demolition services providers and professional pool builders can help make the swimming pool of your dreams, but the decisions on its design and purpose are all up to you.

Here are 3swimming pool ideas that might work for your home in “the West’s most western town”:

Freeform Pool

This pool is the most popular in Arizona because it serves as a personal “oasis” for homeowners in the Grand Canyon State. These irregularly-shaped pools have curves and flowing lines thatimitatethe outline of lagoons and ponds. If you’re a fan of this naturalistic look, you may add some features like rocks, plants, and mini waterfalls for a “greener” appearance.

Play Pool

Play pools aren’t only for kids’ pool games; they’re also made for water sports. Usually no deeper than 5 feet, play pools are perfect for water volleyball and swimming laps. It’s a pool you and your kids will love.

Lap Pool and Diving Pool

These pools are narrow and are usually 45′ long. Lap pools are primarily built and used for health purposes; theyre for people who are serious in keeping themselves physicallyfit. Increase your lap pool’s functionality by adding a diving board to it. Scottsdale excavating services can deepen it at about 81/2 feet, which upgrades it to a diving pool. To prevent accidents, diving pools must be built according to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) standards.

Here’s a tip: You can ask your trusted Scottsdale excavating services provider to combine any of these styles in building that dream pool for you and yours.Whether youwant to have fun under the sun orimpress your guests, choose a swimming pool that won’t only add esthetic value to your home but will also best suit yourand your family’s needs.

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