Japanese food has become a passion for many people around the world. Traditional Japanese sweets are known as Wagashi. It is very low in fat and is suitable for vegetarians. It is healthy as it is less processed. You would love to eat the traditional candy if you are in Japan. Healthy wagashi is very sweet and it has the natural flavors of all its ingredients.

The Various Flavours Of the Traditional Candy in Japan

The food culture in Japan offers uniqueness and creativity and the Japanese candy is no exception. They come in different flavors and these flavors are enjoyed by people in Japan and also worldwide. The flavors of traditional candy in Japan are like matcha, red bean jam, white bean jam, glutinous rice flour, Japanese sweet potatoes, roasted soybean flour and Japanese mugwort.

Healthy Ingredients

Healthy Wagashi contains a large number of superfoods. Matcha has various health benefits from vitamins and minerals, red and white bean jam bared candy are rich in protein. azuki beans are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. Japanese sweet potato is low in fat and is a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Its skin also contains anthocyanin. Japanese sweet potato has an anti- aging property.

How to Enjoy Wagashi

These traditional candies are meant to accompany Japanese tea. In some traditional ceremonies, Wagashi is bite-sized and served on a piece of paper called Kaishi which is brought by the guests tucked in their kimono. This candy is eaten at the start of the ceremony. Wagashi is eaten slowly. The healthy wagashi are daifuku, yokan, mochi, daigaku-imo.

Way of Making traditional Candy in Japan

Wagashi is a traditional confectionery and it is served with tea. It is mostly made from plant-based ingredients. Although it is sweet it uses less sugar than any other western dessert. It is very delicious and is crafted delicately.

It involves steps like:

  • Cooking beans slowly with sugar and water.
  • Sweet rice flour is mixed with sugar and water to form a dough.
  • Cooking and rolling the dough.
  • Cooling the dough in the refrigerator.
  • Cutting out the mochi wrapper and covering the bean jam by a mochi wrapper.
  • Finally dusting with potato starch.
  • Mostly the Wagashi should be consumed quickly after it is made as its ingredients are all fresh and you can have optimum satisfaction after eating it.

Where It Can Be Found?

It can be found at the local convenience store, grocery store and the special Japanese sweet shop. These are natural and are free of the chemicals. The shops in Japan that sell healthy products are full of the products which are natural. You can buy wagashi (a traditional Japanese sweet) online also.


Thus, Japan is gaining much recognition in the world due to the large variety it offers in its snacks. When you travel to Japan enjoy the traditional delicacies which are in abundance in Japan. When you eat this, you can have the feel of the traditional culture of Japan.

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