If you are running a commercial establishment, then the level of upkeep of your premises contributes heavily to your success. Cleanliness, orderliness and comfort is paramount for your clients. This is where the first impression of your company is at the back of their minds.

You have to be very strict, when it comes to housekeeping procedures and requirements. There are many listed office cleaning dandenong agencies. You can get professional services that you deserve. However, some cleaning agencies may end up becoming lax in their work with time. If you find the reasons to replace them do it sooner.

Ambiguous pricing scheme

If at any point of time, you find that your cleaning services are not transparent with their pricing system, then it’s time to replace them. A clear pricing policy will give a frill-free list of what work should be done, in the hired price range.

High janitorial turnover

There are some office cleaning melbourne services, who send you a new face with every service to your office. It is time-consuming to train the new entrant, who will not come, after one or two services. This will lead to sloppy cleaning and upkeep.

Outdated methods and equipment

Your cleaning service should use industry best practices, green solutions and the latest cleaning chemicals. State – of – the – art technology will save you labour cost and increase efficiency. Better technology will lead to a smarter look for your company.

Poor service 

Your cleaning service should provide proper training and backup for their workers. If not, there is a high risk of unprofessional work. The staff will be careless and aloof, in the mistakes that they make at work. You should incorporate a feedback system for their tasks to improve service.

Lack of communication 

There should always be a manager to the group of cleaning staff, who comes to your office. Their response to your queries and complaints should be swift and productive. If there is difficulty to get your request processed, then it’s time to change them.

Prevalence of pests 

An unprofessional cleaning service will lead to an increase in the activity of pests. This is easily noticeable in kitchen and toilet. If this is not dealt with in time, there is a risk of your staff falling sick, affecting your business.

Tasks taking too much of time or too little

If you find that cleaning staff is taking too much of time or too little of it, for a prescribed task, then it is time to check on it. There could be clutter still unattended. If they just breeze through the office, cleaning is not properly done. You can notice that, in such a case, there will be enough dirty areas left, even after the cleaning process.


You should have a cleaning service that considers themselves, part of your team. They should feel that a great service from their side, is essential for your success and healthy image in the society.

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