In worldwide market there are extensive ranges of bags available, all equally beneficial to its user. The most preferable bags are the Polypropylene bags.  They are made from two kinds of materials including woven and non-woven. Often individuals aren’t able to recognize the difference between the two kinds hence get confused to choose the best one suitable for their purposes.

Both the kinds are made of recycled plastic and are quite durable to be used for long span of time duration.  The only difference is the way used to make the materials for the bags. Once you know the difference it is easy to understand the most beneficial among the two kinds to order the bags for your use.

What is the difference between the two kinds of Polypropylene bags?

  • Woven polypropylene threads: They are woven together by traditional weaving methods. The individual threads are joined together to increase the strength of the threads. The process of weaving is done to join single pieces of threads to form a sheet of material. Tote bags of varied shapes and sizes are made to use lifelong by the recipients.
  • Non woven thread material: The threads are bonded together using mechanical, chemical and thermal process. The fibers are joined together for durability with methods suitable to make it a sheet of fabric for making varied products.

The benefits of woven polypropylene bags:

  • The fabric used is flexible thus you can add more items when required to carry or store them.
  • The woven material retains back the original shape, thus looks prefect in shape always.
  • Even after used for innumerable times the bags don’t wear out for many years.
  • They are washable even in washing machine, thus looks fresh and ready to use anytime.
  • To enhance the appealing look of the bags you can laminate or give it a matte finish.

The plus points of non woven polypropylene bags:

  • They have more versatile use in comparison to woven bag as can be used in many ways of usages. It can be used in arena of art forms as they are easy to adapt in making embroidery, for painting and to create many other artistic items.
  • They are less expensive compared to woven fabrics. Thus small vendors and retail shoppers like to use it instead of expensive fabric bags.
  • They are ecofriendly and are slowly replacing the non recyclable plastic bags.
  • They can be easily customized to print logos and design patterns as per the client choice, thus bag makers prefer to use this kind of non woven material to make well designed bags.
  • It doesn’t need lamination, as the shining quality of paint and other prints can be permanently adapted on the bag sheet.

Both kinds of bags are highly favored by customers without any hesitation because of their additional safety quality to hold the items intact. Moreover the custom non woven bags are available in varied shapes, sizes and color quite appealing to the eyes.

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