If you are a sports lover and also an avid sports fan then you must know that sports broadcasters literally can make or break any game.

Be it is on television or radio, the job role of a sports broadcasting professional is to not only give commentary and discuss game analysis, but also share the personal experiences along with the viewers.

Also, as announcers or sportscasters, sports broadcasters will keep fans totally engaged and entertained all throughout the entire sports event. Let us know few more details about such jobs.

  1.  Salary

As per the statistics available from Bureau of Labor, any sports broadcaster in the TV or radio may earn on an average $41,800 in a year which means the hourly wage will be $20.10.

However, broadcaster who is hired by any sports industry can get much higher pay package and their annual salary can be $92,360.

      2. Starting salary

When you join any job at entry level then naturally your starting salary can be much lower. As per the data available most of the sports broadcaster joins in any job at the starting average salary of $37,890 in a year.

However, as you grow in experience then your salary too will rise and often may end up getting salary in six-figure annually.

     3. Key responsibilities

Sort broadcasters are supposed to collect story right from dressing room to actions on field so that viewers remain fully entertained. Besides they also need to write about the sports coverage to present to news broadcaster.

Besides that, sports broadcaster also needs to do enough research about the sports and players and also collect many histories about various important sports events.

    4.  Necessary skills

Any broadcaster for sports must have following necessary skills:

  • Exceptional public speaking ability
  • Pleasing voice
  • Solid timing
  • Good pronunciation
  • Witty personality
  • Writing skill
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Technical of handling computers and other editing equipment

Besides all the above a sports broadcaster must be a having a pleasing personality and should be able to interview a sports person and ask relevant question and hence it is essential that he must have good knowledge about any particular sport.

    5.  Educational requirements

Though educational qualification may not be same for all sports broadcaster however minimum graduation level qualification in any discipline from a recognized institution is a must.

Having qualification in the following area will be advantageous:

  • Sports journalism
  • Sports management
  • Sports broadcasting

    6.  Getting started

Like any other fields, even sports broadcasting field also you may have to compete with many others. However, you need to stand out of the crowd and prove yourself as a better candidate from others.

If you have any part time work experience in this field then it can help you to get little advantage. Therefore, after you finish your graduation, you must start attempting to make entry in this line.

   7.  Future outlook

Unfortunately, due to advancement in technology, the future of sports broadcaster in radio is not too encouraging however in the field of television there is little better outlook.

However, the job may undergo some changes with the arrival of new technology in this field.

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