Even though the official reason for creating artificial urine is making use of it in different industries that need a urine sample to act like the real deal – the most common reason why people buy it and use it is for passing that boring and complex drug related test at work or prior to being hired. Learn more about the drug use and employment here.

If you’ve been smoking some marijuana you’re probably wondering if the fake pee can make you pass the narcotic test. The answer to your question without further ado is – yes it can. It can if you’re able to find the best possible product that you can be sure it works 100%. Well, okay, nothing in life can be 100% sure, but you can easily lean on a fine number of 99.9% as this is how often the fake pee will show negative drug results after its being examined in a special urine test machine.

Before buying the first product you come across on the internet, read the following to know what exactly are you supposed to be looking for.


In order to pass the test, the synthetic urine must resemble the actual human by-product we take out of our body several times a day. This means the liquid you get as a product labeled fake pee must have exactly the same ingredients. Some products are being sold just as a prank idea. They smell and look like piss but they don’t have all the needed substances inside to make the machine conducting the test make believe it’s holding a real urine sample.

The official pee is made of over 95% water, the substance urea which is the most important part of it, then creatinine, uric acid, proteins, hormones, and it must have a normal PH level. This is all something that you can’t do it yourself in the garage. You need a skilled and educated chemist to make the right formula and be sure it will pass the test.

For this cause, you always must look for the label and check the web page of the product for more details. The label must be clearly saying how it is made and their page usually explains the process of making, where it is made, and where it can find use.


The reviews are the most important part of finding the best synthetic urine on the market. You can read about the ingredients day and night but you can never know if what is written there is actually true.

On the other hand, the honest reviews from people who used these products before will tell you whether some product is a good choice or not. For example, if there’s a fake pee being sold on Amazon, you can see if people are satisfied with it under the description. Also, a lot of specialized web pages are dealing with this and you can find reviews about it there too.

Make sure the product has more reviews that are positive. If you see more negative comments saying that the product doesn’t work, you should know that it will just be money wasted for nothing.

Another important thing here is to know which comments are trustworthy and which aren’t. What do we mean by this? The urine sample that you’re handing over for the test must have a proper color, temperature, and look overall. To achieve this, you have to follow the instructions that come with each product. If you don’t, you’ll fail and this is not something that it’s the manufacturer’s fault. This goes on the users only.

So, if you find reviews saying that something doesn’t work, you need to read on and see if they followed the manual exactly as it says. Chances to fail after the sample was accepted by the practitioner are almost impossible if the product is top of the line and made exactly like the real urine.

However, if you see more negative comments and reviews from top to bottom, then you can be sure that there’s something wrong with it. It may be a good quality fake pee but the instructions might be confusing, so people fail because they didn’t do well in this part of the test.


There are so many brands today all doing a great job behind the curtains. You can find lots of great fake pee samples all coming with different prices. This is confusing, right? If they all must be done with the same ingredients and with the same substance ratio, isn’t it strange that some have a different, higher price?

The reason for this is often the features they offer. Some products are available with a self-heating option, for example. This is pretty neat for those that have no ability to preheat the sample before it’s given to the examiners. It’s important to pass the sample at the temperature of around 95 degrees as this is the temperature our body has and keeps at everything inside it. For more urine facts, read this: https://www.healthline.com/health/urine-color-chart

If you give a cold sample, the lab practitioner will know you’re doing something illegal and will make you fail without even doing the test.

That’s why some products offer features that others don’t have and because of this, sell it for a higher price. However, the features are not always something you must be looking for. For example, if you can easily preheat the sample, why give tens of dollars more for something you absolutely don’t need?

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