The increase in the legalization of marijuana has had a corresponding effect on the product known as CBD oil. Its population has drastically reduced.  The reason for this is that the product found in the cannabis plant does not intoxicate the users and also doesn’t leave the users with euphoric effects linked to tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD oil is proven to contain CBD in the form of carrier oil.  There are various forms in which CBD gets found, there capsules and gummies.  However, the concentration of CBD varies depending on the product form in which they appear. For instance, the level and effects in CBD cream may be higher compared to other types.

CBD cream oil has established itself as a leading remedy to most challenging arthritis problems listed below are some of them.

Arthritis Pain Reliever

For some time now, arthritis has been the primary cause of disability in the United States of America.  Over 50 million get affected by the illness annually. Arthritis gets categorized into two types namely rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the type of arthritis where the affected individual’s immune system attacks his or her joints, resulting in inflammation. The kind of arthritis majorly affects the feet and the hands, causing so much pain in joints.

Osteoarthritis this is another form of arthritis majorly affects the joints cartilage and bones. This type of arthritis too causes stiffness and pain. The illness majorly affects the thumb joints and the knee.

Studies conducted on animals revealed that CBD cream had the capabilities to treat arthritis and even relieve the pain related to the illness.

Another study carried out yet revealed that CBD was capable of reducing inflammatory pain by affecting the pain receptors response to stimuli.

In 2014 another review conducted on the existing research body concluded that CBD cream oil might be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

A study carried out in 2016 revealed that if you applied CBD cream on your body, then you stood a better chance of relieving arthritis pain.

In 2017 another group of scientist from America carried out their research and yet again concluded that the application of CBD cream oil sometimes resulted in the relief of arthritis pain. However, CBD cream is yet to get used for medicinal purposes due to lack of scientific evidence proving that indeed the oil is an effective cure for arthritis.

Scientists have so far made efforts to try and prove that CBD cream oil is indeed an effective arthritis pain reliever for arthritis and in 2016 they found out that the CBD cream oil was able to relieve various types of arthritis pain.

Even though the research findings from various scientists have been so promising, there is still need to invest more in the research processes to ensure that the results are more accurate to have CBD oil adopted for medicinal use.


Even though the scientific proofs have not been that convincing, the research done so far by various specialists have given the CBD cream the green light with regards to getting used for medicinal purposes.

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