Buying a car is a big investment for a family and therefore, while applying for car loans, people usually have a lot of doubts.

Many people agree to whatever the salesperson says without properly knowing about the consequences.

If you are aware of a few common mistakes that people often commit then at least you can avoid them and you do not come under the pressure of a salesperson.

  • Not doing enough homework on the value of a vehicle

Just don’t restrict yourself to your closest place while searching for the vehicle that you want to buy. Also, check their price and look at their resale value. Following are few mistakes people often commit –

                  a. Not comparing price

When you check the price of your chosen car then don’t just be satisfied by a particular dealer’s price, you must also check from many other dealers and check online too. You must compare the quotes obtained to arrive at a decision.

                  b. Not checking on used cars

It is not necessary that you check only the price of new cars. There are plenty of dealers selling used cars at a very attractive price.

                 c. Not looking trade-in value

Besides looking at the price of used cars, you must also do a survey to find out what trade-in value you will get for the car that you have.

  • Focusing more on cars than the car loan

Most of us only focus on the car but pay very little attention to various car loans. You must also survey about car loans such as Blackhawk auto finance and also interest rates of other sources.

Following are a few mistakes to avoid:

                a. Only discussing with a single lender

You must consider multiple numbers of loan-offers and also check their APR. By discussing with number of lenders, you can find what are the different attractive offers available.

                b. Refusing to discuss finance with a car dealer

It is also necessary to discuss with the dealer about any finance scheme and quite often you may find an attractive offer. By not discussing with a dealer you will never know about it.

               c. Focusing mainly on the monthly price

By simply focusing on the down payment and your monthly installment, you will offer an opportunity to your dealer to hide many extra products.

               d. Ignoring your budget

Before you decide to buy your car, know what your budget is. Don’t be convinced, if the salesperson pushes you to buy an expensive car.

  • Try to do things too quickly

You must take your time to understand what you are deciding and often people end up committing following mistakes –

                a. Not walking away

Often if you are confused or if you find that you are getting ripped off then instead of quickly deciding to settle, it is often better to walk away from your deal.

                b. Being rude to any salespeople

Salespeople can provide a number of useful tips and help too. So, you must avoid being rude to them.

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