There are thousands of products that are claiming to detox your skin and your hair. Some are amazing and others not so much. When it comes to your hair, you can find so many detox shampoos in the stores that you’re probably wondering which one is the best for you.

Another thing is – not all detox shampoos can clean everything thoroughly. Some are made just for beauty reasons and keeping you healthy while others are made for complete getting off every substance that is not supposed to be on you. Learn more about the other detox products on this link.

In this article, the main focus will be on the shampoo that we consider the best for doing the second type of work. There’s only one real solution and we’re going to tell you which one is it and how it works. Follow up if you want to learn all about it!

Which one is it?

The product that is the only one capable of fixing the problem is called Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. This is the ultimate solution and it can make you clean in around 2 weeks. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

First, let’s see what it is made of and then we’ll talk about how to use it. The main ingredients containing this solution are the same as all the regular rinsing products that we use every day for treating our hair. Nothing more – nothing less. That’s why this product is healthy and can be used as your everyday shampoo too.

What is important about it is the chemical substance called propylene glycol which is known for its amazing ability to strip the layers of the hair up to the very shaft. With it, the water has no problem in getting inside and taking off everything that was built up.

However, this process can’t be done with only one wash. A regular person has around 150 thousand pieces on its head and every single one of them must be treated. This is a tough job for any solution so you need to be patient and wash daily. This gets us to the next chapter – how to use it!

How to use it?

The right way to use this product is to do it as the prescription that comes with the package says. If you read it, you’ll see that the first thing that must be done is stopping consuming. Stop smoking the moment you realize that the test is coming and you’re about to use a product to clean you up.

The second thing is to start washing. You should do it up to 4 times a day. We know that’s a lot, but the minimum is 3 times and you shouldn’t compromise with it. If you don’t do it regularly, some of the particles might stay inside and the lab practitioner will find it.

The last thing you need to know about it that you must do this for at least ten days. The optimal use is around two weeks. After this time the manufacturer claims you’ll be toxin-free. If you want to learn in more details about how to use it, you can click on the following link and learn more about this issue –

What’s the alternative and is it worth a try?

The alternative is using some of the competition which is not even near to the quality of the one we just talked about. If you look at the price, you’ll see that this one has around 10 times higher one that anything else on the market. People still buy it more than anything else. The reason for this is that it is the only valuable formula.

The other products use a different technique. They use bleachers and other chemicals that often damage your hair. With it, they make the lab practitioners unable to see anything inside. This is not a solution but a temporary buying time, so it’s not recommended to do this.

The only alternative that’s worth a try is called the Macujo method. This is a combination of mixing more ingredients and washing with all of them. The system of rinsing is the same, you need to do it at least ten days, you have to stop smoking before you begin with the washing action, and you need to do it daily for more than 3 times a day.

The ingredients are pretty common and you can find them in any store, like Walmart or 7-11. You’ll need white vinegar, Tide detergent, the Aloe Rid we talked about, and the pink Clean and Clear formula. All of them should be used in every shower.

First, you place the vinegar, and then you add the formula. After waiting for half an hour, you wash with the shampoo and after everything is done you do another rinsing with the detergent. This way people realized everything that’s on their head will be destroyed and they’ll pass the test.

It may sound amazing how someone came up with this kind of an idea, but it seems to work perfectly. If you’ve been a heavy user, maybe you should give this option a try. It is also something that people like to use in a short notice. The combination is known as a faster way to treat yourself, so if there’s no time for the standard way, give the Macujo method a shot, who knows it might work best for you.


As you can see, the best one is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. With everything said above and the links provided, you’ll have no problem in getting it and using the best of it.

After thoroughly working with this solution, you can be sure that no doctor will be able to find any drug particles on you. The reason for this is that you’re not going to have any. This is not a cover-up, you’ll really be clean.

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