Cigarettes have been used in various forms since centuries.  Electronic cigarettes fondly known as e cigs or vaporizers are a new innovation or you can say advanced models of cigarettes less known to people. The simple reason for its disapproval attributes to doubts in cigarette users mind about its good qualities or whether there will be any side effects while using e cig or the vaping device.

To get rid of the doubts, know more about vaping:

There isn’t any kind of doubt that e cigs are electronic device. You can say they are replica of traditional cigarettes. The only difference is instead of tobacco leaves, e liquid is present in a tiny container or tube. Moreover, there won’t be any kind of paper used to make it or contains filter. To understand the working of e cigs, you need to have clear view of how your original cigarette functions. Normally, tobacco wrapped in the paper is burned and the smoke is inhaled while smoking. However, cigarette users not only smoke the burned tobacco, but they inhale a lot of toxins and nicotine jeopardizing their general health.

On the other hand, this new version of cigarette isn’t injurious to health as it doesn’t burn anything. There are no toxins present and the level of nicotine is less or not at all present in the e liquid. The e liquid is heated up by a small device in the e cig to change it into vapor. These vapors are inhaled through mouthpiece of e cig.

What are the best features that help you to make up your mind to buy e cig?

  • Compared to traditional cig it is healthier.
    • It isn’t necessary that vaping liquid contains tobacco. There are herbal variations like extract of cannabis that is quite healthy and enjoyable to inhale its vapor. Thus, while vaping. You don’t have any influence of harmful gas like carbon monoxide, tar or any kind of harmful chemicals.
  • You save your money.
    • Yes, buying original paper wrapped cigarettes is costlier compared to buying one vaping machine and set of atomizers capable of lasting long time. However, the lasting of the e liquid depends upon the amount you consume, but it is cheaper as you get discount and free offers while buying online.
  • Can be used in no smoking zone.
    • As it doesn’t produce any smoke or ashes, there isn’t any danger of catching fire. There are no smoke odor troubling people near you, thus allowed in any public place.
  • It is trendy:
    • This is the prime reason why women carry it along while partying. The e cig device is available in varied colors, size and model. All perfectly good to look and functions smoothly.

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