24 GOOD DEEDS Advent Calendar

Behind every calendar door you will find projects that can be realized with your one-time donation of at least 24€. On any given day you may be helping to protect a part of the Rainforest, or feed a hungry child. Overall, you will be supporting 24 different organizations that provide much-needed services in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Education and Environment. 

With the 24 GOOD DEEDS Advent Calendar you are supporting 24 Charitable Organizations and we are one of them.

Open the Doors to a Better World

You can order your Advent Calendar at www.24-good-deeds.com and they will ship it directly to you. Calendars can also be ordered and sent to family and friends, along with a holiday greeting. During the month of December, there will be additional information and background on each of the good deeds.

Order your 24 GOOD DEEDS Advent Calendar and start opening the doors to a better world today!

We are happy to be part of it! 

A door for traumatized children in Iraq

The donation from the calendar will be donated to traumatized children in Iraq.

Curious what exactly is behind our little door? We would be happy if you support us and this great action! 

You can donate for the 24 GOOD DEEDS Advent Calendar online at www.24-good-deeds.com