Our award-winning Healing Garden

We are happy to announce that our therapeutic Healing Garden for survivors of trauma and violence has won two awards:

iF Social Impact Prize 2020

The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE aims to publish and support projects that contribute to our society. 

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"The Healing Garden impresses with its simplicity and effectiveness. The cultivation of the garden by locals, who earn their living with it, and at the same time the use of traditional loam construction and sewage techniques impressively confirm the sustainable approach of this wonderful project!."

– Jury Statement

National Energy Globe Award Iraq 2020

Preservation of Resources and Sustainable Planning in a Post-Conflict Setting

In 2015, we built a Healing Garden in the city of Chamchamal in Iraq to provide a garden and animal-assisted therapy for traumatised persons. The garden has enabled us to revitalise traditional building designs and techniques, introducing green technology solutions such as wastewater treatment, biogas, and solar energy generation, and to educate people about environmental stewardship. The decentralised wastewater treatment plant has a capacity of processing 100 m3 of greywater per day and the biogas plant recycles animal waste into gas and fertiliser.

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How You Can Support

With your donation you support the building of a peaceful and free society in Iraq and Syria. They make long-term and visible changes possible for people who want to find their way back to a healthy and independent life after violence and war. You can find the donation form here.