Our Target Groups

Every year, the Jiyan Foundation supports thousands of survivors of torture and violence. About half of them are women, another third are children and adolescents.

Human Rights Violations in Iraq and Syria

Iraq and Syria have a long history of violent conflict, human rights violations and a lack of rule of law. The dictatorship, wars, and ISIS terror have left their mark on the region.

Most of our patients who have survived serious human rights violations have suffered from:

  • Severe physical or persistent mental torture
  • Long-term detention under extremely degrading conditions
  • Poison gas attacks and genocide
  • Forced relocation, flight and expulsion
  • War and military conflicts
  • Terrorist attacks, kidnappings and targeted killings
  • Persecution on the basis of ethnic, religious or political affiliation
  • Rape and other forms of sexualized violence
  • Domestic or gender-based violence 

Needs of Survivors

People who have survived torture and violence often suffer from complex illnesses and discomforts that can affect their physical, mental and socio-economic well-being.

The long-term consequences of extreme violence inflicted on an individual by others do not just affect the victim, they also destroy familial structures, and negatively influence the development of future generations. In an environment that has long been characterized by oppression, these effects can thus lead to a vicious cycle of violence.

In order to process their violent experiences, survivors need reliable health care and access to justice. That’s what we do through our work in Iraq and Syria.

How You Can Support

With your donation you support the building of a peaceful and free society in Iraq and Syria. They make long-term and visible changes possible for people who want to find their way back to a healthy and independent life after violence and war. You can find the donation form here.