Trauma Care and Health

Violence and human rights violations can lead to a variety of problems which affect an individual’s physical, emotional and social well-being. We support survivors in Iraq and Syria through medical assistance, psychological treatment, specialized trauma therapy as well as social services. To do this, we operate a network of twelve treatment facilities that employ more than 200 local professionals. In addition, we use mobile teams to reach out to people in camps and remote areas.

Medical Treatments

In order to help survivors recover and enable them to live healthy lives as defined by the World Health Organization we provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive medical diagnostics
  • General medical and pediatric treatment
  • Psychiatric care
  • Physiotherapy and pain treatment
  • Referral to medical specialists and hospitals

Psychological Counseling and Trauma Therapy

Psychological trauma can affect individuals for their entire lives. Our goal is for every patient to lead a life that is fulfilling and free from the constraints of sustained mental trauma. We encourage our patients to set goals and look toward the future through a wide range of psychological treatment programs and approaches. The diversity of our psychological treatment services reflects the diverse populations and various mental traumas that we see in our clients. Our psychological treatment programs include:

  • Psychological counseling and trauma therapy
  • Age-appropriate treatments for children and adolescents, e.g. in the form of art and play therapy
  • Education and self-help groups
  • Special animal-assisted treatments in our healing garden
  • Regular psychological care to women’s shelters and women’s prisons

Social Counseling

In addition to providing medical and psychological assistance, we help our clients re-enter society and provide opportunities to actively engage in their social environment. Our social workers inform about social benefits, point out educational opportunities and offers from partner organizations. Our social counseling departments provide:

  • Recording and determining the need for assistance
  • Advice on social issues and placement of support offers
  • Family and couples counseling, crisis intervention and mediation in family conflicts
  • Educational events on topics such as dealing with family conflicts, raising children or the harmful consequences of forced marriages
  • Group activities for children

How You Can Support

With your donation you support the building of a peaceful and free society in Iraq and Syria. They make long-term and visible changes possible for people who want to find their way back to a healthy and independent life after violence and war. You can find the donation form here.


Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights Chenar Seerwan Programmleitung Traumahilfe und Gesundheit

Chenar Seerwan
Head of Trauma and Health