You empower survivors to take their lives back.

How can you help? Become a fundraiser and make a difference for children and survivors of human rights violations today.

How do I help?

  • Game for good – let us help you turn your gaming into good as you stream for a cause that means most to you. 


  • Use your influence – share your campaign with your community on social media and let them know why supporting survivors means so much to you.


  • Track your impact – whether you are raising funds on a stream, social media or in-person, our team has the tools to measure the change you make for survivors.

Step 1: Choose your platform

Youtube, Twitch, Facebook – however you interact with your community Jiyan Foundation can provide the tools you need to make it easy. You do what you do best and let us handle the rest.

Step 2: Let us know

Send us a message using the form below with your desired platform and we will provide a toolkit with pictures, videos, and how to set up your campaign in minutes!

Step 3: Activate your community

Share your fundraiser on social media, text, phone or shout it from a mountain-top! Let them know why Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is worth supporting.

You empower survivors to take their lives back! We're just here to help.

No need to wait for us...

Get started by sharing a video on social media to promote your fundraiser. Be sure to tag @JiyanFoundation, who knows we might like it!

What are you waiting for? Start fundraising today and empower survivors to take their lives back!