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Time to address the reproductive health of displaced Iraqi women

Addressing barriers and challenges affecting service provision, Ibrahim told, “Although the Jiyan Foundation works closely with beneficiaries to provide displaced women and girls with reproductive health services, such as treatment for postpartum depression, anxiety, and possibly medication for pains or related conditions, there are a number of barriers and challenges hindering access to reproductive services, including stigma and taboo.” She elaborated, “For example, some of the displaced women and girls we work with feel ashamed when they get pregnant. They will speak of themselves as being sick when they are pregnant. Some also speak of pregnancy as though it is an illness.” Ibrahim emphasized that combating stigma and taboo will require educational interventions, including workshops, personalized therapy sessions, and ongoing community engagement. 

Recounting some of the women’s experiences, Ibrahim said people in some areas access traditional healers, obtaining harmful advice and nutrition instead of visiting primary healthcare clinics, pointing to displaced Yazidis who once lived in villages in northern Iraq captured by IS. The advice provided by traditional healers has a direct impact on the health of displaced women and girls whose “lives and mental health are at risk,” Ibrahim asserted, adding, “Given these circumstances, educational interventions will be crucial.”

24 Syrian Organizations Call for the Inclusion of the Kurdish Language in the Brussels Conference | Syrians for Truth and Justice

The right to speak mother languages is a basic human right that the EU must consider at all stages of the Brussels Conference. 

“Allowing the use of mother tongue in Brussels Conference and other conferences would demonstrate inclusivity and ensure real and effective participation, helping minorities to feel like their role in finding solutions and implementing them is valued.

Accordingly, the signatory organizations to this letter call on the organizers of the Sixth Brussels Conference 2022 to take practical steps to include the Kurdish language and other Syrian mother tongues as primary languages at all stages of the conference, and in all upcoming activities concerning Syria.”


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A year on from Iraq’s Yazidi Survivors Law, nothing has changed for those who return | Rudaw

With political chaos continuing in Baghdad, and a new government still to be formed following Iraq’s October election, the Iraqi Federal Budget for 2022 has been kicked down the road meaning there is nothing for survivors to access.
Head of Program for Rights and Justice at Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, Bojan Gavrilovic, explained to Rudaw English that a renewed commitment from political stakeholders and the international community is necessary to deliver on the law’s promises.
“Let us not forget that delayed and ineffective implementation of the Yazidi Law prolongs the agony of survivors, many of whom still linger in IDP camps or live under the poverty line, traumatised, without access to services and recognition,” he said.

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