Jiyan Foundation signs the Shoreditch Declaration for a Torture-free Trade Treaty, calling for the prohibition of inherently abusive law enforcement equipment.

On January 29th, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights joined over 30 Civil society organizations from across the globe in London, calling on all states to fulfill their obligations to prevent and eradicate torture and other ill-treatment across the world by supporting the creation of a Torture-free Trade Treaty.

Internationally-traded law enforcement equipment is routinely used to commit abuse, ill-treatment, and acts of torture against protesters, human rights defenders, and discriminated-against groups, among others. Police brutality is a common problem that persists worldwide and is supported by the use of inhumane law enforcement equipment. Many individuals who seek mental health or medical treatment at Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights’ treatment centers in Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq, and Syria have been victims of brutality caused by the reckless use of tear gas, electroshock/ spiked batons, rubber bullets, or inhumane restraints. Exposure to such devices can cause lasting consequences such as miscarriages, physical deformities, and trauma.

Together with 30 Civil Society Organizations, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights signed the Shoreditch Declaration calling for a legally-binding prohibition and human rights-focused trade controls on the manufacture and trade of inherently abusive law enforcement equipment, such as electric shock batons and effective human rights-based trade controls on other standard law enforcement equipment which is often used to commit acts of torture or other ill-treatment. 

Together, we committed to raising awareness and building support for a robust international treaty that will end the trade of torture devices and inherently inhumane law-enforcement equipment.