Jiyan Foundation’s all female staff standing outside the Healing Garden, located only a short walk from the Psychosomatic Trauma Clinic for Women (Womens’ Clinic) where women and their children stay for long-term treatment.

Welcome to the Psychosomatic Trauma Clinic for Women in Chamchamal


The city of Chamchamal is located in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. People here have suffered under the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. During the so-called Anfal operations of the 1980s, many people were tortured, lost their livelihoods, and continue to suffer from trauma associated with the violence. More recently, people in the region have suffered from war against ISIS. Many women who come to our center were kidnapped, bought and sold, raped, and tortured.

Since the end of the horrific regime of Saddam Hussein and more recently ISIS, violence has persisted in the region and many women and children require specific mental health treatment in a safe place. The overwhelmingly number of these cases are from the Yazidi faith.


Built in response this need, Jiyan Foundation Founder and Chairman Salah Ahmad opened the first ever Psychosomatic Trauma Clinic for Women (Women’s Clinic) in the country. Female survivors of violence and abuse, together with their children, take part in a specialized four-week program where they engage in individual and group psychotherapy, community living and live-in support.

All beneficiaries live at the clinic in safety, often far away from their normal lives where they can focus on themselves and their children. The women and children in the clinic are accompanied by our specially trained all female therapeutic team who utilize a holistic approach to recovery. Patients also engage in garden, art, play, group and individual therapies alongside comfort from animals and a community of support at the Healing Garden, located only a few minutes from the clinic in Chamchamal. The large majority of women who receive treatment at the clinic are of the Yazidi faith.

All of Jiyan Foundation’s services and treatment are provided free-of-charge.

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