Jiyan Foundation publishes study and recommendations to mitigate against the reenlistment of Yazidi children from military groups

Duhok (July 24, 2023) August 3rd marks nine years since ISIS committed acts of genocide against the Yazidi. Since these atrocities have been committed, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights has led the world in creating significant progress in advancing justice and mental health for survivors. Today we publish our most recent study, “After all, they were only children…” Assessing needs and possibilities for a community-reintegration program for children formerly associated with ISIS and other affected children and youth.

Early on, Jiyan Foundation created the first-ever Trauma Clinic for Yazidi Women, focusing on treatment for psychosomatic symptoms, and providing essential mental health services. During this same time, Jiyan Foundation founded the Coalition for Just Reparations, an alliance of 32 grassroots NGOs committed to establishing reparations for survivors in Iraq. Since the inception of these programs, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights has published numerous important documents addressing the Yazidi Female Survivors Law, providing recommendations and tools to stakeholders, and giving a voice to survivors.

Today, Jiyan Foundation continues our commitment to supporting Yazidi survivors of genocide, focusing efforts on addressing Yazidi children who were forced and coerced into participating in armed conflict. Jiyan Foundation’s most recent study found that on average, children were about eight years old when they were coerced into ISIS, and remained in their control for two to four years.

To mitigate against reenlistment or re-recruitment of these children from military groups, Jiyan Foundation is focused on a multi-layered strategy to find entry points where our staff can begin to identify necessary mental health support.

On August 3rd, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights urges the international community to provide opportunities for these youth to reenter the educational system, find gainful employment, and access necessary mental health programs. By taking seriously these recommendations highlighted in our recent study, governments and stakeholders can mitigate against the reenlistment of these Yazidi children from the military groups which committed these atrocities in the first place.

Read now: “After all they were only children…”

About Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms, and promotes democratic values worldwide. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights seeks to build democratic societies that protect the dignity of human beings, where adults and children enjoy the rights to life and freedom, and citizens are free from violence, torture, terror, domestic violence, and human rights violations. 

Our programs, projects, and initiatives provide mental health, medical treatment, and other health services to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence, and human rights violations. Our work supports nine treatment centers, a clinic for Yazidi women and families, a Healing Gard, and mobile teams helping survivors in 1refugeesee and IDP camps in nine regions throughout Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq, and Syria. Since 2005 these programs have provided support to over 100,000 people.