We work with survivors of trauma, terror, and violence to take back their lives.

When you give to Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, you provide life-saving psychological, medical and social support to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence and human rights violations in Iraq, Kurdistan-Iraq, Syria and beyond.

  • $50 can provide four hours of psychotherapy in an individual or group session.
  • $150 can provide three months of treatment to survivor for a chronic disease.
  • $300 can provide three months of psychotherapeutic treatment for two survivors. Includes weekly sessions in single, group, art and EMDR therapy and transportation costs.

Information is power. Join us to learn how you can help make a difference for survivors in Iraq, Kurdistan-Iraq, and Syria.

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We are the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

For more than 15 Years Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights has supported survivors of trauma, terror, and human rights violations by providing mental health, medical, legal and educational services. Every year, the Jiyan Foundation supports thousands of survivors of torture and violence. About half of our beneficiaries are women, and a third are children and adolescents.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights promotes the mental well-being, physical rehabilitation, and social reintegration of survivors and their families by providing them with free-of-charge psychotherapeutic support, medical treatment, and socio-legal counseling.

We help survivors of human rights abuses regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or spiritual leanings. In 2005, we started our activities in the multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk, where we opened the first rehabilitation clinic for victims of torture in Iraq.