A way forward for wartime sexual violence reparations in Iraq

Virtual conference signals the way forward for wartime sexual violence reparations in Iraq

On December 8th 2020 C4JR (Coalition for Just Reparations) and UNAMI (United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq) arranged a virtual conference REPARATIONS FOR SURVIVORS OF CONFLICT RELATED SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN IRAQ — THE WAY FORWARD.

This event brought together diverse stakeholders interested in enactment of the bill delivering reparations for survivors of wartime sexual violence committed by ISIS in Iraq.
A consensus was reached that all survivors should benefit from the forthcoming legislation, that reparative measures should go beyond compensation to ensure delivery of a range of vital services including symbolical recognition and guarantees of non-recurrence. In addition, survivors and their needs should be placed at the center of the upcoming reparation scheme.
C4JR calls Iraqi decision makers to show leadership and live up to the expectations of survivors by passing an advanced reparation bill consistent with their preferences and best international practices.

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