Democracy and Civil Society

We are committed to a diverse, tolerant and democratic society in Iraq. To help us achieve these goals, we teach students about human rights, organize dialogue events and support networks of young people who are committed to peace and democracy in their country.

Human Rights Education in Schools

Children and young people are the leaders of tomorrow. In order to prepare them for a free, equal and non-violent future we provide human rights education in local schools. The program aims to help children in Iraq become strong and considerate individuals who treat one another with respect, and understand their rights and responsibilities as individuals in society. We aim to support children and adolescents by

  • Raising awareness of fundamental rights and ways of enforcing them or of how to protect themselves against attacks

  • Teaching methods to deal with anger and aggression

  • Promoting friendships and networking

  • Campaigning for non-discriminatory, and equal opportunities for women and girls

Overcoming Boundaries Through Dialogue

Iraq is a diverse country with people of many different ethnicities and faiths. Decades of war, terror and persecution have made the population increasingly distrustful.

Members of the Yazidi community in particular feel abandoned by their neighbors and the government after being suppressed by ISIS. There are also tensions between members of the Arab and Kurdish, the Sunni and Shiite, as well as the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

In order to foster solidarity with one another, we facilitate spaces of encounter and exchange for members of different ethnic, language, and religious groups in Iraq.

  • We organize mutual visits to mosques, churches and temples.

  • We invite communities to a common celebration of religious festivals.

  • We bring together representatives of various ethnic and religious groups at public events.

  • Through public relations and social networking campaigns, we celebrate and strengthen the cultural and religious diversity of Iraq.

The diversity of Iraqi society is also reflected in the composition of our teams. Our employees, through their own work, demonstrate how historical and ethnic tensions can be overcome in the pursuit of common goals.

Youth Network

Mistrust and prejudice are also widespread among young people in Iraq. They grow up in environments that are characterized by enemy images. Their strongly divided society offers them few opportunities to meet young people from other sections of the population and form their own opinion.

We support a youth network in Iraq, where young people from different societal groups work for peace and dialogue. In pursuit of this:

  • We organize regular seminars on political and social topics in which the participants can actively participate.

  • We create sheltered spaces in which encounters are characterized by listening and respect.

  • We encourage participants to become active in their own communities and implement small projects.

  • We promote exchanges with youth groups in other parts of the world.

How You Can Support

With your donation you support the building of a peaceful and free society in Iraq and Syria. They make long-term and visible changes possible for people who want to find their way back to a healthy and independent life after violence and war. You can find the donation form here.


    Programme for Democracy and Civil Society