Jiyan Foundation Statement on U.S. Plan to Raise Refugee Cap

NEW YORK — Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights Chairman Salah Ahmad released the statement below  addressing U.S. plans to raise the refugee admissions cap to 125,000 for the fiscal year 2022:

“While we applaud President Biden’s initiative, we urge him to consider raising the cap even higher in the near future.

“In this time of controversy surrounding the mistreatment of asylum-seekers at the U.S. border, we ask the Biden Administration to uphold the moral obligations of accepting, supporting, and providing safe-haven to refugees and asylum-seekers from the often violent and traumatic histories they try and leave behind.

“To the developing world, and especially those of us born in regions of persistent conflict, the U.S. has uniquely claimed to champion human rights, and place human dignity ahead of politics. To deny refugees and asylum seekers security and vital support for their well-being contradicts these values.

“We at the Jiyan Foundation work with survivors whom have be subjected to and often fled violence, genocide and traumatic histories. Our beneficiaries from Kurdistan, Iraq, and Syria, just as those around the globe who are fleeing from violence, require sustained and effective support from host countries seeking to provide a free, fair, and safe future for them and their children.

“We believe the United States can lead the world in this endeavor.”