Joint Press Release with Commission for Investigation and Gathering Evidence

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights (Jiyan Foundation) & Commission for Investigation and Gathering Evidence (CIGE)

In a joint effort to realize justice and provide access to rehabilitation for survivors of mass atrocity crimes in Iraq, the Jiyan Foundation and CIGE concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regulating their forthcoming cooperation.

Through a joint approach of interviews and treatment provided by specialists in their respective fields, survivors of ISIL atrocities will be offered an opportunity to have their stories documented for future accountability efforts and to obtain quality psychological and medical treatment targeted to their specific needs.

Jiyan Foundation will refer patients seeking justice to CIGE who will document their ordeals for future criminal trails against the perpetrators. In turn, CIGE’s Victims Support Unit will refer witnesses to Jiyan Foundation’s specialized centers for psychological and medical assistance.

This MoU reflects the consensus of both parties that justice following atrocities requires not only securing evidence to hold those responsible to account, but also a holistic and tangible system of support for survivors.


For more information on CIGE visit their website.