Yazidi Women Survivors Law Enacted in Iraq

Yazidi Women Survivors Law Finally Enacted in the Iraqi Parliament – C4JR Media Release

As a founding member of the Coalition for Just Reparations, Jiyan Foundation shares the following statement.

On March 1st 2021 members of the Iraqi Parliament passed the Yazidi Women Survivors Law. This law, based on the initial bill submitted by the Iraqi presidency in March 2019, will deliver long-awaited relief not only to Yazidi women but also other survivors belonging to communities targeted by Da’esh/ISIS.

Iraqi civil society, facilitated by the Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR), took the lead in reviving the public debate on reparations for survivors of the Da’esh/ISIS conflict in Iraq and improving the initial bill. To that end C4JR composed a Draft Law of its own and carried out an intensive advocacy campaign via traditional and online media. It also conducted a series of virtual and in-person briefings for Iraqi MPs and other officials, raised awareness on the importance of addressing consequences of wartime sexual violence in Iraq and abroad, and collaborated with UNAMI and IOM to promote survivor-friendly solutions. The main aim was to include, to the greatest extent possible, international standards and best practices in the forthcoming legislation.

C4JR welcomes this important first step made by the Iraqi MPs toward repairing the harm done to survivors of Da’esh/ISIS crimes in Iraq.

Finally, C4JR assures survivors, Iraqi authorities, and international partners that it will remain committed to pursuing reparative justice for all survivors of Da’esh/ISIS conflict in Iraq by advocating that reparation services envisaged in the new law reach intended beneficiaries without undue delay.

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