Spread Awareness - Seven Recommendations for Communities Welcoming Refugees

On World Refugee Day, Jiyan Foundation asks individuals and the media to share these recommendations with communities around the globe currently welcoming and hosting refugees, including the millions who are fleeing Ukraine, Syria, and the Middle East or elsewhere. These are based on our organization’s experience in supporting survivors of war, genocide, terrorism, trafficking, and human rights violations.

Please share these with friends, family, and neighbors on social media or by linking to this page. Use #refugeeswelcome and #worldrefugeeday to make the most impact!

Download and share graphics in English, Arabic, Kurdish and German.

“Jiyan Foundation is committed to providing intercultural dialogue and platforms to break down barriers and promote peace,” said Jiyan Foundation spokesperson Joshua Governale. “For many, the horrors of war seemed like very distant occurrences but now we have seen that violence can happen any time at any place; all of us need to show humanity and start a long-overdue conversation on what we can do to help our fellow human beings. A reminder to all of us that, no matter where we come from, we can all use some help and kindness.”

The seven recommendations offered by the Jiyan Foundation are:

  1. Patience – language can often be a barrier when coming to a new country. Speak clearly and be patient when communicating with new guests. English is often their second, or third, language.
  2. Listen – every person’s story is different, don’t assume that what you’ve heard or read about the refugee’s situation applies to every individual. Everyone’s journey is different.
  3. Help –  tech-savvy? Know how to get around? Offer help with what you’re good at and don’t overextend yourself. New apps, maps, and grocery stores can be tough to navigate but having a friend who is good at one specific thing can be a relief to any newcomer.
  4. Respect – give others space. Some refugees may be very happy to share their experiences, others may not. Respect their privacy like you would anyone else.
  5. Courtesy – don’t introduce your new friends as your “refugee friends”, just the same way you may feel uncomfortable being referred to as an outsider, so might they.
  6. Participate – celebrating holidays, events and throwing a party may help our guests to feel at home. Don’t be shy, ask about their culture and if invited, join in their festivities.
  7. Learn – be open-minded. Wherever our new guests are from they probably have something interesting to offer. Sit back and expand your own horizons.

For more information about Jiyan Foundation’s work with refugees and displaced people please visit us here

The campaign begins Saturday June 18th and will run for two weeks.

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